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Timer circuit using CD4060


hi guys, i just opened up a uniross photosprint battery charger which has 2 timer settings of 6 & 9  hrs. i found that they used a CD4060 for the timing. The CD4060 is a 14 stage ripple counter. Can any one suggest any circuit for a timer using this IC. I'm planning to make my own battery charger for NiCd and NiMh cells as i have quite a lot a lying around my home. i found the this charger quite impressive as it automatically cuts off the charging after the time duration and puts the cells to trickle charging. It has a dual led indicator which indicated red for charging and green for trickle charging. it supports 1-4 AAA or AA batteries or 2 9V batteries. If any one has a circuit for such type of chargers please tell me.
thanx ;)

Hi Sukhbinder,

Are you sure you want to charge NiCd and NiMh cell with a “timer”? These cells require a more sophisticated charge method to be optimized. The circuit required is not very complicated if you use this IC: http://www.maxim-ic.com/quick_view2.cfm/qv_pk/1666/ln/en

Thanks Ante for your suggestion but could u provide me with a simpler solution using conventional easily available components. the problem is that i live in New Delhi INDIA and the maxim IC is not available here easily. we have mail order firms like RS components here but they charge a lot. If u don't have a circuit in mind, could u just tell me how to use the C4060 as a timer. i'll take care of the constant current charging and voltage cutoff.
thanks again

Hi Suk,
In our projects section there are many projects that use a CD4060 timer:

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Thanks for the links Audioguru.


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