Friwo PP12 – when 9 Watts is not enough


Friwo power supplies PP12 series extend the PP series family about a variant with a higher maximum power – 12 Watts.

Premium adapters Friwo meet stringent demands for safety, efficiency, EMC and a low power consumption in a standby mode. PP series represents small switch-mode power supplies – adapters, usable practically with any device with an appropriate power consumption. So far, versions with maximum power 3, 6 and 9 Watts were available. Novelty are the PP12 types, which further extend possibilities of usage of these adapters even for devices with a higher power consumption. Beside a usage for a full rated power they can be convenient also for creation of a power reserve for a possible future functionality extension of your device thus probably increasing of power consumption. Friwo power supplies are designed for a continuous full load current and they feature a continuous shortcut protection acting at about 20% overcurrent.

New PP12 types are available in 3 versions – with the 5.5/2.5 mm, 5.5/2.1 mm output DC connector and without an output connector, allowing to use various separately available secondary connectors (adaptors). Secondary connectors have a safety lock preventing an accidental disconnection.

Detailed information will provide you the FW7599/EU/12 PP12/12V/EU, PP12/12V/EU21 and PP12/12V/EU25 datasheets.

Friwo PP12 – when 9 Watts is not enough – [Link]

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