Garage door opener


Alright, I think it’s about time for this silly article on plasma arc waste disposal to get knocked off the top of my site, don’t you? It’s just fluff, honestly. Filler. And I’m tired of looking at it. So how about a post on a real project for a change? Sound good? Great.

First though, a quick gripe. I hate waiting for parts to arrive. Specifically “last

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  1. Hi, the link to this blog entry is broken. Can you repost it?
    I am very interested in this circuit project. I’m an EE student and I’m renovating an ’82 bmw. I started out wanting to spiff up my garage opener to make it look “retro” to fit the decor of my car but now I’d like to design the pcb as an exercise as well.
    Can you repost this garage opener blog entry?

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