Gas detection? It´s also possible in a simpler way…



To monitor dangerous gases concentration with ready-made calibrated modules USM 5.1 series is a breeze.

It is generally known, that it´s suitable and often even inevitable to monitor air in various factories, shopping centers but also in smaller buildings and in households. For this purpose, we offer you already for several years top-quality sensors from Japan company Figaro. However, how it uses to be, application of bare sensors requires some development and sometimes also a demanding calibration, what can be unprofitable and expensive especially at smaller production batches.

That´s why we added in stock read-made calibrated modules USM 5.1 series employing well-proven Figaro sensors. USM 5.1 series consists of 5 types for monitoring of CO, ethanol, methane, LPG and hydrogen. With these modules there´s no need to care about development, testing and calibration. All that is necessary is to connect them to a 5VDC power supply and the open collector output is able to switch relay, siren etc. Modules don´t provide value of the exact concentration of a given gas, but they are set to a fixed value of concentration (according to a table), at which they switch on the output transistor.

As for the price, the USM 5.1 series is quite profitable, when we realize, that it is a ready-made calibrated and tested solution containing a relatively expensive sensor. That´s why they are ideal for construction of various safety devices with a minimal effort.  Detailed information will provide you the datasheet USM 5.1. Modules are available directly from our stock, in case of interest please contact us at

Gas detection? It´s also possible in a simpler way… – [Link]

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