Getting started with AVR microprocessors on the cheap.



Microprocessors are so cheap these days. If only there were a way to program them up just as cheaply… In this instructable, find out how to build up a complete AVR microprocessor toolchain: compiler, programmer software, programmer hardware, and some simple demos to get your feet wet. The endpoint is not quite as swanky as Atmel’s suite, but it’s gonna run you about $150 less and take only a little more work to get it set up.

This instructable is based on the Atmel ATtiny 2313 chip, mostly because it’s one of the smaller chips (in size) while still being beefy enough to do most anything. And at $3 a pop (non-bulk), they don’t break the bank.

Also check the new USB version here.

Getting started with AVR microprocessors on the cheap – [Link]

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