GSM Multifuction Alarm with SIM900



Boris Landoni writes:

It’s small but packed with features. The GSM alarm we present today, sports a PIR motion sensor, can be battery operated and it’s capable to communicate via GSM. It can transmit alarm conditions and receive commands from remote. It’s also capable to indicate problems such as is insufficient voltage supply or tampering.

It’s not so conventional for antitheft system: to integrate a movement sensor, a PIR motion sensor and a temperature probe in a single appliance: all this accompanied by an SMS sending GSM / GPRS module. This circuit was born as a very versatile, ready to use, built-in alarm system: no installation is required, you can just drop it and it’s ready to work. It’s not by chance that is designed to be battery operated: it also features a battery state control to check the power.

GSM Multifuction Alarm with SIM900 – [Link]

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  1. Greetings Boris. To provide the complete system, have you considered having a camera on the device which snaps a photo of the alarm breach area and includes it(them) in the SMS? I’m tossing around taking on that project but surely someone had already done it – like maybe you?

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