Hijack development pack for iPhone


Seeed Studio launched an iPhone hardware development board call the Hijack development pack: [via]

Do we have any iPhone users here? What were you thinking when Google released ADK for Android devices? You probably want to have an equal chance to play your mobile devices with open source hardware as we did. The idea of connecting iPhone with those existing open source components is great and more importantly is achievable now with our Hijack Development Pack!

Here is a clue that what the main board of Hijack looks like. It’s a little tiny thing with cubic-inch size so that you can carry it to anywhere you like. But the project itself is a fully functional hardware/software platform for creating sensor peripherals for the mobile devices. The Hijack platform enables a new class of small and cheap phone-centric sensor peripherals that support plug-and-play operation. As we said, Hijack has been tested with the iPhone 3G/3GS/4, iPod Touch, and iPad devices.

Hijack development pack for iPhone – [Link]

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