LCR Meter Smart Tweezers

LCR Meter Smart Tweezers


Ideal-Tek’s Smart Tweezers unique design combines ergonomic shielded handles and a precise full featured LCR impedance meter.

Ideal-Tek’s LCR meter Smart Tweezers™ are an updated concept in handheld electronic tools. A unique design combines a pair of gold-plated SMD tweezers with ergonomic shielded handles and a precise full featured LCR impedance meter in a compact, lightweight instrument.

Smart Tweezers™ measure an electronic component’s capacitance, resistance, and inductance with high speed and precision by evaluating circuit impedance. It is a perfect solution for testing and identification of surface mount devices (SMD) as well as for troubleshooting of complex electronic systems.

Available models include the Colibri ST-5S™, ST-5S-BT2 Bluetooth, and the ST-LED Tester.

All Smart Tweezers™ features

  • Convenient one-hand operation
  • Ideal design for surface mount devices
  • Li-Ion battery
  • Portable and ergonomic design
  • OLED display
  • Swiss-made precise test leads

The ST-LED features

  • Automatic LED polarity detection and display
  • Forward drop voltage display
  • Adjustable constant test current 1 mA to 30 mA
  • Adjustable test duty cycle 10 mSec to 1000 mSec
  • LED visual brightness verification
  • LED visual color verification

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