Very low power temperature sensor

Very low power temperature sensor


Smartec has commenced selling a new temperature sensor as the successor to the SMT160: the SMT172. The SMT172 has a superior performance, such as a very low power consumption (60 μA) , a very high accuracy (0.1 °C) and a very high resolution (0.1 mK). [via]

For battery applications, the SMT172 can operate on the basis of a low voltage range from 2.7 V and 5.5 V. The sensor has a PWM Out for easy connection to any type of microcontroller.

The new SMT172 is available in TO18, TO92, TO220, SOIC-8, SOT223 as a small hybrid device (HEC) and comes with a cable of 5 m length.

Very low power temperature sensor – [Link]


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