Microchip integrates new peripherals in small-package MCUs


Microchip Technology has announced several new 8-bit PIC® microcontrollers featuring configurable logic and a high level of peripheral integration in 6- to 20-pin packages. The PIC10F(LF)32X and PIC1XF(LF)150X MCUs integrate new peripherals, including configurable logic cells (CLCs), complementary waveform generators (CWGs) and numerically controlled oscillators (NCOs), enabling functionality that was not possible before with low pincount MCUs.

The CLCs enable software control of combinational and sequential logic, which increases the on-chip interconnection of peripherals and I/Os to reduce external component count, save code space and add functionality. The CWG works with multiple peripherals to generate complementary waveforms with dead-band control and auto shutdown for improved switching efficiencies. Additionally, the NCO peripheral enables linear frequency control with high resolution for applications such as lighting ballast, tone generation and other resonant control circuits. [via]

Microchip integrates new peripherals in small-package MCUs – [Link]

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