New issue of SOSnews on web

The newest issue of SOSnews SOSnews 2/2012 is already in electronic form on our website. Please take a look.

Previous issue: SOSnews 1/2012

You can read in the newest issue of SOSnews:


  • Get more in our new loyalty program PREMIUM
  • Learn more about components practically during Pizza workshops


  • Custom-fit coat – enclosures HAMMOND 1553 will fit into hand
  • Quectel M95 will provide you SMS, voice, data and a simple usage


  • SMT measuring tweezers again in stock
  • Save energy and production costs with Myrra 47000 switch-mode
  • High quality for even better price
  • LT3799 – create a LED driver with an active PFC
  • Lantronix xPico – ethernet in the chip-sized module
  • Bolymin BEGV have a sufficient power to control your applications
  • Wago 233 – connected by one click!
  • Top quality solar panels with a 25-years performance guarantee

New issue of SOSnews on web – [Link]

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