NXP announces LPC800-MAX dev board



NXP has announced the LPC800-MAX – an mbed/Arduino development board based on the LPC812 – which will be released in April 2013. [via]

NXP is working with key partners to develop LPC800-MAX, a development board which combines mbed, LPCXpresso and Arduino connectivity, allowing users to choose and work with their favorite elements from each environment. The breakthrough interoperability of the LPC800-MAX development board is made possible thanks to the unique flexible switch matrix feature introduced in the LPC800 family of microcontrollers, which allows users to configure nearly any pin for any available function. Further, with the new mbed USB onboard interface, users can choose if they want to use cloud-based mbed tools for development, or if they would rather use an off-line tool chain, such as the LPCXpresso IDE, for development and debugging. The board will be available in April for a suggested retail price of € 16.00.

NXP announces LPC800-MAX dev board – [Link]

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