openPICUS: new website, IDE 2.1 and a programmer guide


openPICUS: new website, IDE 2.1 and a programmer guide

openPICUS, which connects the embedded world to the internet providing modular hardware and free software, is ready to announce that the new website is online ( We have a dedicated section exclusively to the Community which is part of the new Forum ( The site is more clean and the navigation is now more easy. Click, take a look and let us know what you think about it.

We have the new IDE 2.1! The main updates are:

  • Energy saving functions: you can turn off the Flyport or just the Wi-Fi transceiver (Hibernation)
  • Improved IOInit() function to easily remap all the peripheral pins
  • Simplified management of the external interrupts with a simple instruction
  • From Wizard it is now possible to modify the number of serial ports and their buffers size
  • From Wizard it is also possible to select the number of UDP sockets and related buffers size
  • Pushbuttons debounce function improved
  • On code editor improved Autocomplete and Tooltips added for each function
  • Added a timestamp at the end of compiling process
  • Visualization of Ram status at the end of compiling.
  • It is possible to add HTML documentation to each project
  • Framework global performance improved
  • Full compatibility with each C30 version >3.24
  • Various minor bugs fixed

Download the new IDE 2.1:

And the last but not the least: the programming guide which explains the software embedded inside the Flyport and how it works. More than 60 pages with explanations and examples.

Download the Programmer Guide:

About openPICUS

openPICUS is Internet freedom for your things, control and communication for electronic devices. A standalone hardware and software platform for embedded applications to interact via web, email or messages with simple sensors or complex electronic equipment.

For more information, please visit

openPICUS: new website, IDE 2.1 and a programmer guide – [Link]

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