PIR Camera



When the sensor detects movement in a room it will take a burst of 10 photos with the digital camera. Each photo is taken at 0.5sec interval. After the 10 photos, the camera waits 3 seconds for further movement and if it is detected, the process is repeated until 80 photos are taken. The photos can then be downloaded to your PC (via the USB connection on the board) for viewing. [via]

PIR Camera – [Link]

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  1. Would someone please tell me what the round black thing is at the top of the picture that is attached with red and black wires? It is not mentioned on the detailed kit description site. If it is a coin battery holder, I have been looking for a battery holder like that and I would like to know where to find one.

  2. Never mind. It must be a piezo buzzer. It just looks different than the one in the later photos on the kit site.

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