Plants watering watcher


This project is a plant watering watcher that is able to flash a LED at a low rate when the soil in the pot plant becomes too dry. The circuit uses a CMOS quad Schmitt and is powered from two AA batteries. Check schematic and PCB boards on the link below.

Plants watering watcher – [Link]

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  1. This project was stolen from where it replaces an earlier version that did not work.

    The IC is an ordinary CD4093 that has a minimum supply of 3.0V when the battery is new. But when the battery runs down a little then this IC will not work.

    The project should use the 74HC132 IC instead (it has different pins) because its minimum supply is 2.0V.
    I used the 74HC132 IC in my Plants Watering Watcher-2 project that is here.

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