Print simply and without drivers from Apple iOS devices


With the new device Lantronix xPrintServer you can print documents on your network printer from any Apple iOS mobile device.

Imagine, in your company you have a visit with some Apple mobile device like iPod, iPhone or iPod touch and your visitor from any reason needs to print some document. A problem is, that with a probability near to surety, in a given mobile device no drivers for your printer will be installed.

This problem is elegantly solved by a new device from company Lantronix – xPrintServer. It is a literally „plug´n´play“ or „plug´n´print“ network device. xPrintServer serves as an „interface“ between a mobile device and a printer. Apple iOS device communicates with a network through your company´s WiFi and the xPrintServer sends data to a network printer through an ethernet cable.

In comparison to other common net devices, a configuration is unbelievably simple. Connect the xPrintServer into your LAN through an ethernet cable (to a router, switch, hub or any place in the network), power up the xPrintServer, and the xPrintServer will auto-discover and auto-provision all printers in the network. No other configuration is necessary, no applications or any other software. All that is necessary to do to print is to sign into you company´s WiFi with a mobile device, open a desired web page, e-mail, photo etc. and choose the icon to open the native print menu. Then from the printer options menu, choose a printer through which you wish to print. Finally, select a number of copies and choose „Print“.

Advantages / Features:

  1. network device enabling a problemless printing from any Apple iOS device
  2. supports all devices with Apple iOS 4.2 or higher
  3. no drivers or special SW necessary
  4. printing from the native print menu of a mobile device
  5. extremely simple installation – „plug´n´print“
  6. automatically searches all available network printers, no configuration
  7. a big amount of supported printers

Detailed information will provide you the Product Brief, user guide – Quick Start and the List of supported printers.

Print simply and without drivers from Apple iOS devices – [Link]

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