Church bell Controller

Antonis Pontikakis     
Project non tested




This circuit is a church bell controller. Basic component is an ATmega32 microcontroller. At the circuit 1 24LC32 eeprom memories is being used.

As control I created a menu who will be appeared on 4×20 LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). The menu browsing can be done by 6 buttons at the face of the circuit’s box (Menu, Up, Down, Enter, Start, Stop). The all firmware binds about 30Kbytes flash memory and can be increased by adding new features-functions. This program has been written in C with CVAVR compiler.

The idea of this circuit is being given by a friend of mine who has an foundry and he is building bells. I have made the PCB by my self.


  • More 75 different melodies (ADAM, PANYGJRJKO, AGJORJKO, etc)
  • Control of electrometrical clock of church with the production of pulse of duration 1Sec each one minute.
  • Automatic correction in case of power loss.
  • Percussion of clock each half but also entire hours, with possibility of choice of hours of silence (for tourist regions and hours of common quietness).
  • Manual correction of electromechanical clock.
  • All regulations become with the help of guidance (menu, up, down, enter, start, stop)
  • When it runs a rhythm we have the possibility of increase or decrease her speed, the information will stored in memory 24LC32.
  • Display time (DS1307), with backup battery.
  • All the in formations are displayed on 4X20 LCD.
  • Control up to 5 bells and 1 clock.
  • The user create his own program











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