Proto Board Power Supply

Proto Board Power Supply


David Johnson-Davies @ build a breadboard friendly power supply to power your Arduino or other low power electronics. The power supply is able to deliver 0V to 5.5V at up to 0.5A and it’s powered from two Li-Ion rechargeable batteries. The output can be adjusted using a rotary encoder, and the voltage is displayed on a three-digit 7-segment display. The whole circuit is controlled by an ATmega328.

ArduinoATmega328Power supply

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  • rkondner
    6 November, 2017 at 7:46 pm

    That is a great little idea. Wish I thought of that. Tie to the proto board is really smart.

    I have a charger / power supply combination product at (The smaller BB10 unit) that has 5, 3.3 +14 and -14 plus the battery charger. If you removed the DB25 it would be smaller. I have some docs up on the site. You would then have more features though it would be a more complex design.

    If you wanted to add the charger. low voltage cutoff , and multiple voltages I would be happy to help.

    Great Idea
    Bob k.

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