Quectel L16 – a more exact localization with a double amount of satellites


L16 module supports system GPS, but also the Russian GLONASS, thus enabling to use almost a double amount of satellites for a better accuracy and higher accuracy even in urban conditions.

Quectel L16 based on Teseo II engine from STMicroelectronics, belongs to first modules supporting both navigation systems. What does it bring? – above all a substantially higher probability of a fast fixing (first fix) even in a dense build-up area or in other conditions inconvenient for reception of satellite signals. A possibility to use signal of both systems enables to increase localization accuracy up to approx. 1.5m. With 32 tracking channels and 2 fast acquisition channels, L16 can acquire and track any mix of GPS and GLONASS signals.

Thanks to the fact, that both systems operate at near frequencies, only one antenna is sufficient for reception. L16 supports passive and active antennas and the power supply voltage for an active antenna can be fed directly through the RF_IN pin. 3.3V voltage for an active antenna can be obtained by a simple interconnection of 2 pins (VCC_RF with V_ANT). In case, that you have an antenna requiring other voltage, you can connect an output of an external voltage source to the V_ANT pin.

Quectel L16 features all properties for successful utilization in praxis, and also small dimensions and an easily applicable SMT package. Detailed information will provide you the L16_HD_V1.1 datasheet, as well as L16_Glonass protocol description. For the development support, we also keep in stock the L16_EVBevaluation board. A detailed description can be found in the L16_EVB user guide.

Gain the development kit for free!

We offer you a possibility to gain the development kit with the L16 module for free. All that is necessary, is to correctly answer the question:
What enables L16 a fast acquisition (first fix) and a substantially more reliable and accurate position tracking?

Let us know the correct answer at marketing@soselectronic.com.
The winner will be drawn by lots within 14.12.2012.

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Quectel L16 – a more exact localization with a double amount of satellites – [Link]

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