Radio, alarm clock and thermometer – all in one system



Such multi-purpose device is a nice example of of using microcontroller for combined tasks.

The intent was to use radio module (KDC-2092) from Kewood, but somehow it didn’t respond. So radio chip was taken from computer radio tuner (TEA5757H) which can be easily controlled via 3 wires(DATA, Clock, Write Enable). Additionally mono/stereo selection input is available. To give more control power there was an advanced car audio signal processor TDA7407D used. Audio processor also can be controlled digitally via I2C interface. Temperature reading was implemented with DALLAS DS1820 sensor. As datasheet says, there can be up to 8 temperature sensors connected to one wire, but only tow were used in this project. Program piece of reading temperature sensors was adapted from

Radio, alarm clock and thermometer – all in one system – [Link]


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