Real Time Clock

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I’m not sure why it is but, electronic hobbyists like to make clocks. We seem to be thrust towards them like electrons to a phosphor coated screen in a cathode ray tube. Although, at a much lower velocity. Nevertheless, I somewhat recently decided it was time to make a clock for myself. I quickly came up with several ideas of the physical implementation e.g. alarm clock, ceiling projected display etc. but, as I found out that is the easy part. I was able to distill every clock design down to the need for an (acceptably [more on acceptable accuracy later]) accurate time base, most likely 1Hz and that is what this post “Part 1” will focus on. I will attempt to offer rational explanations as to why I decided to do things the way I did because, in case you didn’t know, there are more ways to make a time base than there are numbers on a clock’s face. Here’s how I cut my teeth skinning this kitten.

Real Time Clock – [Link]

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