SKL34 – another surprisingly small 3A Schottky diode



After the recently introduced 1A diode SKL14, we introduce you the 3A type in the same miniature PowerSOD-123T package.

New Schottky diode SKL34 features almost the same possibilities of usage like SKL14, which was recently introduced in our article: SKL14 – 1A Schottky diode will fit everywhere. The main difference is that SKL34 can be used even in more powerful applications with higher currents.

If SKL14 surprises by its max. current in such a small package, than it could be said, that SKL34 shocks by its 3 Amps. A very high current is enabled by a thermally enhanced PowerSOD-123T package with extended solder pads. Detailed information will provide you the SKL34 datasheet.
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SKL34 – another surprisingly small 3A Schottky diode – [Link]

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