Stereo FM Transmitter with BA1404

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Circuit of stereo FM transmitter of of high quality using integrated circuit ba1404 for mp3, mp4, ipod, computer, radio of the car. Transmit of your equipment of portable audio for the radio of your car, transmitters of fm of low potency are the ideal for transmission wireless of audio sign for fm receivers. Mainly in that case that is treated of transmitter of FM stereo with ba1404. The heart of that circuit is the circuit integrated ba1404, that is a mini fm transmitter, that already counts with the necessary internal circuits for transmission in fm. just being necessary to increase some components discman or any other audio source turning the wireless. If you already set up other transmitters of transistorized fm it will see that when setting up that with having integrated BA1404, that the quality of the sound and the frequency stability is excellent. Besides the but it presents easy assembly.

Stereo FM Transmitter with BA1404 – [Link]


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  1. This BA1404 FM stereo transmitter IC had such poor performance and many complaints that its manufacturer Rohm replaced it with an excellent line of ICs about 8 years ago. The newer ICs are used in most MP3 to car radio FM stereo transmitters made in the last 8 years.

    Silicon Chip magazine in Australia published The Micromitter project about 8 years ago (look for it in Google) and a company there sells it as a kit. It uses one of the new ICs, the BH1417.

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