Sure Electronics PICkit 3 clone review

Sure Electronics starred carrying PICKIT 3 programmer/debugger clones. Chr bought one and wrote a in-depth review of this product. [via]

Some time ago there was this blog post about the PICkit 2 clone. A few weeks ago I bought the PICkit 3 clone from the same manufacturer – here is my experience with it.Until then my experience with PIC programmers was a homebuilt JDM serial programmer (about a decade ago…) and a loaned Microchip ICD 3 that I used for an uni project.

First impression

This clone is really cheap – I could get about two for the price of a single genuine Microchip PICkit 3. Nevertheless it comes in a sturdy box and includes both a single row 6-pin female to female and a 6-pin modular connector ICSP cable. There’s also a 1×6 pin male header, a right-angle 1×6 female header and the Mini-USB cable included.

Sure Electronics PICkit 3 clone review – [Link]

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