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Wireless XBee Pan/Tilt System

A Wireless XBee Pan/Tilt Servo System For Cameras. It uses a pair of XBee modules to build a simple wireless interface which will be used with PIC 18LF4520’s to control a servo based pan and tilt system which can move my camera 45 degrees in any direction, left-right-forward-backwards.

Wireless XBee Pan/Tilt System – [Link]

XBee wireless interface tutorial

Chris from PyroElectro has posted this tutorial on interfacing with XBee.

He writes:

Getting started with XBee can be tricky, even though it shouldn’t be. Here is a drop-dead simple guide to using XBee modules out of the box. The tutorial shows you how to build a wireless interface with XBee modules between two PIC 18LF4520 microcontrollers.

XBee wireless interface tutorial – [Link]

PICtris: Tetris on a PIC MCU

PICtris project is a tetris game using dot led displays controlled by a PIC microcontroller. PIC18LF4520 is drawing 2D graphics on LED display and four buttons control and rotate the blocks. Find schematics and source code on the link below.

PICtris: Tetris on a PIC MCU – [Link]