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MakiBox A6 $300 Desktop 3D Printer

Drone writes about a new 3d printer project he’s found: [via]

MakiBox A6 is a new crowd-funded project by Jon Buford in Honk Kong. Price is $300USD each plus $50USD International shipping. The basic kit includes all MakiBox parts with electronics and power supply and 1 kg of plastic (2 x 1/2kg spools of ABS). No software is included but there are plenty of open-source solutions. For example, ReplicatorG (http://replicat.org/) is mentioned as the STL file gateway feeding MakiBox.

The MakiBox uses trapezoidal drive shafts that provide 8mm/revolution travel. Print speed should be around 60-80mm/sec. with 1.8 deg. steppers. There is a heated printbed. The consumable material is typically 1mm ABS plastic which MakiBot will sell for $20USD/kg in 1/2kg spools (which is pretty cheap by today’s standards).

MakiBox A6 $300 Desktop 3D Printer – [Link]