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Altoids Tin Radio

Craig writes… [via]

I’ve made a half dozen battery-free crystal radios in about eight weeks. But I always wanted to try to stuff one inside of an Altoid tin for on-the-go. The short ground wire and long antenna wire that connect via an RCA plug, store neatly inside the tin. The 2000 ohm crystal earphone would fit in the tin if the long tube was chopped off. 200 turns of a 27 gauge wire on a 5/8

Wireless Altoids Display

User Alexdlp @ instructables.com build a wireless 2×16 character display on Altoids box. To achieve wireless connectivity he used an Xbee module and a suitable antenna. Check construction details on the link below. There are two unit one connected to PC and a remote one.

Wireless Altoids Display – [Link]

Touchkeyer on Altoids-based HF radio


Check out this nifty touchkeyer (for CW or “continuous wave” Morse code) ham operator Jonathan Haynes ( KC7FYS) built into his Altoids-housed ATS-3b high-frequency CW radio transceiver:

I put whiteboard marker on my fingers and pressed them on a piece of paper to get this footprint. The idea of sculpting them from PCB material came to me when I was trying to sleep. Ha ha. Next time I’ll use thicker copper with a thicker substrate. [via]

Touchkeyer on Altoids-based HF radio – [Link]