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Introducing the AmiPIC18 LCD shield

embedded-lab.com writes:

The Amicus18 board is physically compatible with Arduino shields. However, the default PIC processor on the board is a 3.3 V type, which could be an issue while interfacing some of the shields that strictly operate at +5V. As a support to the users of the Amicus18 development board, Gevo Electronics from The Netherlands has designed a special shield, named AmiPIC18 LCD. Although the name says it is a LCD shield, but in real it provides a lot more features, which we will be exploring in this article.

Introducing the AmiPIC18 LCD shield – [Link]

Amicus18: Arduino style PIC development board

Inspired by the popularity of Arduino, Crownhill Associates introduced the Amicus development platform that uses an Arduino type development board but with a PIC microcontroller. While the board is compatible with the massive Arduino shields, the Amicus IDE is equipped with a powerful Proton Basic compiler. R-B from Embedded Lab reviews the Amicus platform in more detail in this post.

Amicus18: Arduino style PIC development board – [Link]

Amicus18 prototype board

Amicus18 is a multifunction development system inspired by the popular Arduino board. Its based on the Microchip PIC® 18F25K20 running at 16 MHz supplemented by a FT232RL USB-to-serial chip and a LMV358.

Full documentation is available, as well as a free Proton BASIC Compiler, which is based on Crownhill’s Proton BASIC Compiler.

The bootloader source and firmware can be downloaded here.

The Amicus Proton Compiler uses the Microchip® Mpasm assembler and it requires that a version of the MPLAB IDE is installed on the same machine as the compiler.

If you like BASIC and PICs, give it a try. [via]

Amicus18 prototype board – [Link]