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IBM Thinkpad T30 Bios password reset with the Bus Pirate

Using the Bus Pirate to read the SVP supervisor power on password off an IBM T30 Thinkpad: [via]

A friend of mine recently came upon an old IBM T30 Thinkpad at an auction for $40. Bringing it home, he found that there was a power-on supervisor password. This can’t be reset by removing the battery, as the pswd is stored on an EEPROM on the motherboard….. So it came to me!

I recently purchased a Bus Pirate v3 from Seeedstudio, and decided to give it a quick test run..

IBM Thinkpad T30 Bios password reset with the Bus Pirate – [Link]

Toshiba Laptop BIOS Reset Dongle

Harrymatic writes:

So you’ve got an old Toshiba Satellite (full list of compatible models at the bottom), turned it on and to your aggravation you are greeted with a Password prompt. While there are several ways to go about removing the password, I chose to build a very simple dongle device which connects to the parallel port – known in the trade as the Loopback Plug. When connected to the computer and the machine is started up, the BIOS will not prompt you to enter the password, allowing startup of the computer and removal of said password.

Toshiba Laptop BIOS Reset Dongle – [Link]

Build your own IrDA adaptor


New model PC mainboards have one on-board IrDA connector such ASUS. The IrDA function can enable by setting in BIOS with is changing the function of serial port between COMx and IrDA. With IrDA module you can download (i.e. ring tone,wall paper) or communication with devices that compliant to standard IrDA 1.2 such as mobile phone, Palm,Pocket PC,PDA.

Build your own IrDA adaptor – [Link1] [Link2]