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Design with Freedom!


The deadline for the 2014 European Design Freedom Contest is fast approaching and we’d love to see you win a variety of Apple products, a football table, espresso machine, or shiny new bicycle! Using the Freescale Freedom Kinetics ARM based development platform and free online tools from Digi-Key Corporation, you’ll generate a block diagram of a project of your choosing. In Phase 2, create a PCB design that brings your creativity to life! Enter today!

Contest link: http://www.eeweb.com/freedomcontest

Contest for people who bought the 3Drag or K8200 printer


There is a new contest over open-electronics.org for people who bought the 3Drag or K82003 printer. Just show the OSHW community what you can do with your printer and get ready to win great gifts. The competition is intended to reward both people more gifted in technical/design, and those with artistic talent who, with their experience, are able to obtain from the files available on the Internet, objects that are perfect from an architectural, design or creativity point of view.

Thus here is this 3Drag Competition, reserved for those who possess a 3Drag or a Velleman K8200 3D printer (based on the same design).
Nowadays it’s plenty of this machines: in fact, thanks to the collaboration with Velleman, the 3Drag (recoded as K8200) had a widespread distribution throughout the world, spreading among students, hobbyists, new artisans, creating new skills and new job opportunities.

Contest for people who bought the 3Drag or K82003 printer – [Link]

DesignSpark chipKIT Challenge Winners Announced

Elektor and Circuit Cellar, in participation with DesignSpark, are pleased to present the winners of the DesignSpark chipKIT Challenge! Engineers from around the globe submitted their eco-friendly and energy efficient designs which were built around a Digilent chipKIT Max32 microcontroller board.

Congratulations to Dean Boman, whose Energy Monitoring System earned him First Prize honors and $5,000! Providing real-time home electrical usage data, this chipKIT-based system helps occupants make informed consumption-related decisions. [via]


Honorable Mentions:

DesignSpark chipKIT Challenge Winners Announced – [Link]

The RL78 Green Energy Challenge Is On!

Engineers from around the world are competing for the title of the RL78 Green Energy Challenge Grand Prize winner! Renesas is challenging everyone to change the way the world experiences green energy by developing an eco-friendly, low-power application using the RL78 MCU. Succeed and you’ll win share of a $17,500 Grand Prize. [via]

Plus, follow Renesas on Twitter and Facebook now for a chance to win additional prizes from official contest partners. Pmods, development tools, and even more cash prizes are up for grabs. Join the RL78 Green Energy Challenge today!

The RL78 Green Energy Challenge Is On! – [Link]

Atmel University Program Kicks Off 2012 Robotics Contest

dangerousprototypes.com writes:

The 2012 Atmel Robotics Contest (ARC) is currently underway. The contest is open to university students 18 years or older in North America, South America and Europe, and the goal is to develop a battery-powered 3D version of the Atmel robot ‘Mel’ (pictured above) using Arduino’s 4WD platform (for example, see Seeedstudio’s version) and Atmel components. Contestants can either work on their own or team up with other university students.

Deadline for submissions is May 18th, 2012. ARC contest rules are available in PDF from the contest webpage.

Atmel University Program Kicks Off 2012 Robotics Contest – [Link]

Open 7400 competition winners

Ian writes:

Thank you participating in the Open 7400 Competition. All the entries were amazing, check out the full list here.

Four judges, Dave Jones from EEV Blog, Jayson Tautic CEO of TAUTIC ELECTRONICS LLC, Marc Alexander from Freetronics, and Dino Segovis from Hack A Week, and Ian from Dangerous Prototypes each made a top ten list. The projects with the most votes were awarded prizes.

With unanimous consent of all judges, and also the reader’s choice winner, 7400 Capacitive Touch Array (Capacitive touch sensing the hard way) wins the grand prize of $100 and first pick of the prizes.

Nine entries took second place with votes from 2 judges. These winners get next pick from the prizes.

22 entries placed third with the vote of at least 1 judge. They get to pick a prize too.

Thanks again for entering, we hope to see you again next year! Thanks to the sponsors

Electronics-Lab.com is a sponsor and offered :

1 x  uOLED-32028-P1T graphics display module + P1-EB expansion module + uDrive-USB-G1 SD module + uUSB-CE5 module + 64MB microSD card + adapter and a mass of electronics related books

for winner entry: Telephone Intercom From TTL

Thanks everyone who participated.

Open 7400 competition winners – [Link]

Oldest Working Weller Soldering Tool Contest

all-spec.com writes:

As a worldwide leader in soldering equipment, Weller tools are built to last. And that’s why we want to find the oldest Weller soldering tool that still works.

All you need to do to enter is email us a picture of your oldest working Weller soldering tool. Feel free to send us the background story of your tool too.

Email your entry, along with name and shipping address to marvlop@all-spec.com

The owner of the oldest working Weller soldering tool will win a Weller WD1002T and all entries will receive an All-Spec Mug Boss.

Entries will be accepted October 1, 2011 – December 31, 2011. The winner will be announced on our blog as well as our Facebook page and Twitter page on Monday, January 16, 2012. The winner will also be contacted via email.

Oldest Working Weller Soldering Tool Contest – [Link]

43Oh project of the month contest

dangerousprototypes.com writes:

43Oh has announced that entry to their May 2011 contest is open. This is an opportunity for you to show off what you can do with the MSP430. The winner will be determined based upon poll results of members of the 43Oh.com forum. Check out the 43Oh contest page for full details, rules and prizes.

43Oh project of the month contest – [Link]