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Phoenix EH basic is more than just a “basic” enclosure


If you´re searching for an enclosure with a high variability and for a reasonable price, then we can recommend you the EH basic series enclosures.

Searching for a compromise between the quality (materials, design,…) and production costs is a theme at development of every device and naturally – also at development of components. Also from this reason on the market can be found enclosures with a various wall thickness, with various temperature resistance, etc. and so everyone can choose according to requirements of a designed/produced device. EH basic series from company Phoenix Contact addresses everyone who wants a quality enclosure for a reasonable price. We can say, that EH basic series is not designed for absolutely highest rigidity but for a reasonable compromise among strength and the price. However in every way, we don´t deal with a “paper-like” enclosure but with a solid enclosure suitable for a vast majority of applications with modular devices.
EH basic is designed in a way to reach a maximum user comfort and versatility, i.e. to have a possibility to choose optimum size and version.

Versatility is also supported for example by these facts:

  • 2 mounting possibilities – on a DIN rail or on a wall
  • available in 2 various heights (110,5/54mm)
  • available in 7 various widths (22,5-90mm)
  • parts of enclosure mating without use of tools
  • 3 various cover versions (closed, 1-sided connection, 2-sided connection) in two colors
  • integrated (recessed) field for marking (labels) on the side of enclosure
  • over 100 combinations is possible
  • PCB mounting is possible in all 3 ways

EH basic enclosures enable to use various connection technologies, including RJ45 and USB connectors, as illustrated at attached pictures. EH basic enclosures will soon be our standard stock item. Upon order, we´re able to supply you all versions.

Further details can be found in the Phoenix Contact electronic enclosures overview.

Phoenix EH basic is more than just a “basic” enclosure – [Link]

Euroclamp CEM – DIN rail enclosures for every PCB


Series of enclosures CEMxx in versions for horizontal and vertical PCB placing offers wide possibilities of usage.

17,5 mm/ 22,5mm but also 35mm – in these width is available well-proven series of DIN-rail enclosures Euroclamp CEM17, CEM22 and CEM35, which was introduced to you in our article Gain more space on the DIN rail with housings Euroclamp CEM22.
Enclosures are delivered “complete”, i.e. including a Din rail holder and the top cover. The only, what´s necessary to buy (depending on a target application) are connectors (terminal blocks) labeled as ML25x, i.e. ML252, ML253 and ML254 or PV02 pin headers (PV03, PV04) dedicated for SH02 plug-in connectors (SH03, SH04).

Novelties in our offer are terminal blocks ML253-5-D-LI and ML253-5-S-LI suitable for CEM35 enclosures. From recent types of the ML253 series they differ only in somewhat longer pins (to be soldered into a PCB), what enables them to “lay” directly on a PCB (no need to make a cut-out for a connector).
Enclosureshave a UL 94 V-0 flammability and they are of a grey color RAL7035, other colors upon request. Upon request also imprinting and housings modification are available. Detailed information will provide you datasheets at particular types. Comprehensive overview of Euroclamp connectors and enclosures will provide you the Euroclamp short-form catalogue.

Euroclamp CEM – DIN rail enclosures for every PCB – [Link]

Power supplies Phoenix Uno Power – yes for three times


Fifteen types, three sizes and three strong features – these are the new DIN-rail power supplies Uno Power from company Phoenix Contact.

To be on the top in a segment of power supplies nowadays means above all high efficiency, low power consumption without a load (Standby) and compact dimensions. New series Uno Power from company Phoenix Contact meets all the most important requirements expected from a good power supply and gives a guarantee of a precise construction known from components from Phoenix Contact at the same time.

Main benefits:

  • high efficiency over 90% at full load
  • very low standby losses below 0.3W
  • compact dimensions and low construction height only 84 mm enables easy assembly into favorite 120mm installation boxes.
  • 15 types with output power of 25-100W, single output (5, 12, 15, 24 a 48VDC)
  • MTBF > 500 000 hrs

Uno Power are available in three sizes – in a width of 22.5/ 35/ 55mm x 90 x 84mm (wxhxd). High efficiency at maintaining compact dimensions results into a high energy density. In praxis it means that for example the 60W type is only 35mm wide.

Uno Power series is marked as „basic“, i.e. doesn´t provide various extra functionality, but on the other hand it provides everything necessary for majority of applications while maintaining an affordable price. Uno power is able to work with a global input voltage range 85-264VAC and is also suitable for applications outside (in a suitable box) – thanks to a guaranteed functionality already from -25°C.
Two 90W types are also certified according to UL1310/508 class 2, while the 2-phase type (24VDC/90W) is suitable for places, where only a higher input voltage is available (264-575 Vac).

Further information can be found in the Phoenix Uno Power flyer and in datasheets at particular types. Another power supplies and UPS can be found in the Phoenix Contact power supplies catalogue.

Power supplies Phoenix Uno Power – yes for three times – [Link]

New DIN rail clips 1427 series can fasten (almost) every enclosure


Company Hammond brings to market quality universal holders enabling to use your device even on a DIN rail. 

DIN rail has admittedly a lot of advantages and no wonder, that it became a very favourite „platformou“ for not only distribution boxes, but also for various alarms, centrals, and other devices even with a finer electronics.

Naturally, to attach an enclosure to a DIN rail it is necessary that the enclosure was directly designed for a DIN rail or it can be any other enclosure amended with a suitable holder (clip). DIN rail enclosures are usually the first choice, but their shape, size, material and other features aren´t always suitable for our concrete device. For these purposes we incorporated to our stock offer 4 new holders of the 1427DIN series. 3 types – 1427DIN42M, 1427DIN75M and 1427DIN100M are made of aluminium with an anodized surface and 1 type – 1427DINCLIP is form a rigid nylon (UL94-V0). All aluminium types are supplied including a screw, washer and nut for fastening to an enclosure. Aluminium types are constructed so that to attach or loosen from a DIN rail, no tool is necessary. A reliable fastening to DIN rail ensures a spring from a galvanized steel and to its release, it´s only necessary to press the clip from the bottom and to tilt the upper part from a DIN rail. An advantage of holders is, that they´re usable with various enclosures, even from other producers.

Detailed drawings can be found in datasheets at given types. On the Hammond website it´s also possible to find CAD files and 3D models. In case of interest in any HAMMOND products please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

New DIN rail clips 1427 series can fasten (almost) every enclosure – [Link]

Finder Master Plus ensures it


It is known, that it is ideal to protect every controlled peripherial separately. DIN Rail-mounted relay interface module Finder Master Plus 39.3x integrates function of a switching and protective element into one component.

Finder Master Plus was in detail described to you in our article  Relay interface module with a fuse module. Thanks to a growing interest, we incorporated to our standard stock offer the first type from this series – Despite the fact, that Finder Master Plus series offers more than for example Finder 38.51 series, the price of the new type is even more favorable. In its basic version, the Master Plus module is without a fuse holder (type 093.63, upon order). To deploy the fusing function, all that is necessary is to simply push-in this holder into the module, what connects the fuse in series with the switched circuit.

Condition of the fuse is easily visible through a window.  At width of a relay module only 6.2 mm, it is an interface with a separated protection, occupying only a minimum space on the rail. Interconnections in a distribution box can be further simplified and be more transparent thanks to a possibility to use interconnection jumper links. Finder Master Plus 39.3x are available in several versions, EMR or SSR, at the type 39.3x.3 also with a leakage current suppression. Detailed information will provide you the Finder S39 datasheet.

In case of interest, please contact us at info@soselectronic.com

Finder Master Plus ensures it – [Link]

TracoPower TCL power supplies guarantee a power of up to 600W

DIN rail switch-mode power supplies of the TCL series enable even a parallel operation of up to 5 pcs, thus easily solving problems with an insufficient power at a possible extension of your application.

In the TracoPower TCL industrial power supplies series can be found 4 power lines – 24W, 60W, 120W and 240W, i.e. TCL024, TCL060, TCL120 and TCL240. They provide probably all, what we usually require from a good power source – reliability, high efficiency, good filtering resulting in a low ripple and noise, stable regulation even at variable load, shortcut and overload protection and other. TCL series features a very good price/ value ratio, while providing even further not very common benefits:

  • possibility of a parallel operation, up to 5 units (except TCL240). For the most of applications it is naturally better to use 1 sufficiently rated power supply, but if you face the situation, that after adding new functional blocks has the power consumption of your device exceeded a limit of a given power supply, you can easily solve it by adding an another piece. It is mainly convenient if you already have certain types bought on your stock, thus immediately usable.
  • wide input voltage range 85–264 VAC and a possibility to supply them even by a DC voltage in 85–375 VDC range (except TCL 240 series).
  • adjustable output voltage. All models enable to continuously increase the output voltage up to + cca 15-25%.
  •  “Power OK” signal with a possibility of resistive and inductive load, usable for switching of relay and similar (only TCL060 and TCL120 series, at 12/24/48V).
  • Screw detachable terminal blocks („plug-in“), or spring (screwless) terminal blocks, both enabling a very simple assembly in a distribution box.

All types are being delivered with a plastic adapter (holder) included, usable instead of a DIN-rail, for example for assembly to a panel, wall etc. TCL series has gained a lot of safety attests and complies with all common safety standards. Also available is the TCL-REM240 module for a redundant operation of any 2 models from the TCL series, by means of decoupling. Another usage of the TCL-REM240 module is for decoupling of sensitive loads from a common main source. Detailed information can be found in the Traco TCL datasheet and the TCL installation instructions. Selected types are available directly from our stock, upon request we´re able to provide you any other type.

 TracoPower TCL power supplies guarantee a power of up to 600W – [Link]

Find out the modularity and variability of Phoenix enclosures

Phoenix DIN-rail enclosures meet the most stringent criteria and offer a wide variability of PCB placing.

Top quality is a main advantage of Phoenix Contact products. With over 80-year tradition and 11000 employees belongs Phoenix Contact among leading producers of electric contacts and industrial automation technologies. In a portfolio of Phoenix Contact products we can find products covering almost all industrial segments.

Modular DIN rail enclosures have earned a big popularity. From many available types we added to our offer ME a BC series. They offer a very quick and simple assembly of devices into the enclosure and a big variability. Both series can be equipped with a bus and connectors, what enables a simple interconnection of enclosures between each other, connection of power supply, data transmission etc. ME series enclosures are made of polyamide, BC series enclosures are made of polycarbonate and both materials meet UL 94-V0 – self-extinguishing.

Detailed information will provide you the overview of Phoenix BC and Phoenix ME series.

Find out the modularity and variability of Phoenix enclosures – [Link]

Control devices from a DIN rail reliably and safely

With a powerful relay interface module Finder 48 series you can control devices reliably and digestedly directly from a distribution box.

Very often used centralized control of devices from a distribution box via relay interface modules offers several benefits. This solution enables for example a transparent and quick installation, simple functionality test and easy changes in configuration if necessary. To place switching elements to a DIN rail can in many cases substantially increase the immunity to disturbances. It is thanks to the fact, that when a relay interface module is placed in a distribution box near a controlling electronics, wires leading to the module are very short. By this we avoid parallel layout of control wires with other power-line wires, often few tens of meters long, from which a current able to switch on a relay could be inducted in extreme cases.

Advantages / Features:

  1. relay interface module for a DIN rail
  2. versions with 1 or 2 changeover contacts
  3. 8/16A 250V AC rated current
  4. 10*10E6 mechanical life
  5. ambient temperature range -40 to +70°C
  6. only 0.5W power consumption (DC versions)
  7. contains components for EMC coil suppression and indication status LED
  8. made in EU

Finder 48 are powerful relay interface modules in versions with one or two changeover contacts. They are available with a coil for DC or AC voltage as well as with screw or screwless terminals. From our stock we offer you 2 versions – 48.52 and 48.61 with a sensitive DC coil with only a 0.5 W power consumption. Interface modules already contain components protecting against wrong voltage polarity, for EMC suppression as well as indication circuit with a LED.

Besides high 16/8A switching currents offer Finder 48 also a high level of safety thanks to an up to 6 kV insulation voltage (coil/contacts). Finder 48 enable instant relay rejection by means of a plastic retaining clip, what makes an inspection or exchange of a relay easier. Also available is the jumper link for a mutual interconnection of several interface modules. Detailed information will provide you the Finder 48 datasheet.

Control devices from a DIN rail reliably and safely – [Link]