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PIC16F74 – Room thermostat with colour LCD

Ktulu @ users.ininet.hu/ktulu/ writes:

The heart of the unit is an 8 bit PIC16F74 microcontroller from Microchip. It’s main task is to constantly monitor the room temperature trough a 1–wire digital thermometer IC, a DS1820 from Maxim, and to switch a relay on or off, that controls the gas boiler accordingly.The system also features a color LCD, which was removed from an old mobile phone, a few LED’s, an LDR sensor for night mode and a couple of pushbuttons.

PIC16F74 – Room thermostat with colour LCD – [Link]

DS1820 Digital Thermometer

This temperature measuring project has a variety of range from -55 to +125 degree centigrade indicating on four common anode seven segment display module.The project measures an accurate temperature value point to point.

The main sensing part of the project is the semiconductor DS1820.It is based an one wire protocol device manufactured by Dallas semiconductor comes in different resolution such as DS18 S20(9-bit resolution), DS18B20 (12-bit resolution) etc.A microcontroller(AT89C2051) controls whole circuit function like receiving the serial data from DS1820 and converting the value for displaying the seven segment module.

DS1820 Digital Thermometer – [Link]

PIC Digital Thermostat

This project is a digital thermostat based on PIC16F628 microcontroller and DS1820 1–Wire Digital Thermometer. The device is equipped with a LCD display and can control a system using the relay output. Check schematic and source code on the link below.

PIC Digital Thermostat – [Link]

Digital Room Thermometer

Room temperature plays a vital role in determining human thermal comfort. This digital thermometer is designed to measure room temperature and display it on a LCD screen in both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales. A PIC16F688 microchip is used as the main controller that reads temperature from DS1820, a 3-pin digital temperature sensor from Dallas semiconductors (now Maxim). The sensor is designed to measure temperature ranging from -55 to +125 °C in 0.5 °C increments.

Digital Room Thermometer – [Link]

PIC16F628A + DS1820 Thermometer

A PIC16F628A based digital thermometer reads temperature from a Ds1820 sensor and displays on a multiplexed 4-digit Seven Segment Display. The temperature is displayed in both Fahrenheit and Centigrade units one after the other. PIC programming is done on mikroC, and the temperature resolution is 1 in F and C scales. The range of temperature measurement is -55 to 125 C.

PIC16F628A + DS1820 Thermometer – [Link]

Digital Thermometer using PIC16F628A

Digital temperature meter is a popular hobby project. Here’s one based on PIC16F628A Microchip and DS1820 temperature sensor. DS1820 is a digital sensor and doesn’t require any external calibration. The temperature is displayed on a LCD screen in Celsius format. The data transfer from PIC16F628A to the LCD takes place in 4-bit mode. The software is written in mikroC.

Digital Thermometer using PIC16F628A – [Link]

An Experimental Board for PIC Microchip

A varieties of learning kits  and development boards for PIC microchip are available from different vendors all around the world. They cost from few bucks to over hundred dollars depending upon the built-in features and user requirements. If you are a beginner in the world of PIC microcontrollers, and you want to explore their capabilities, here is a PIC16F628A development board that you can make by yourself.

This board has following features:

  • Access to all I/O pins through female header pins
  • 4 Tactile Switches for User Inputs
  • 4 LEDs for Output
  • An LCD Interface Port
  • A 4-digit Seven-Segment Display Interface with Multiplexing
  • LCD Contrast Adjustment
  • ICSP Programming Header

In his blog, the author gives the details of circuit diagram and also demonstrates more than 10 experiments that you can do with the board. The experiments cover LEDs, LCD display, multiplexed seven segment displays, DS1820 sensor interface, PWM etc and all of them use the free version of mikroC compiler.

An Experimental Board for PIC Microchip – [Link]

DS1820 Temperature Sensor


This can measure temperature from up at 8 DS1820 digital temperature sensors all on the same 1-wire bus. That’s right only 3 wires are needed to go to all the temperature sensors, GND, VCC and 1-wire data. All sensors will connect to the same cable.Measure temperatures in multiple locations , no calibration required ,range -55 to +125Deg C,,log up to 8 temperatures to a PC using RS232.This project use AVR AT90S2312. [via]

DS1820 Temperature Sensor – [Link]