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HAMMOND 1553T enclosures – keyboard and display in your hand


In the Hammond 1553 enclosures series now can be found also types with a sufficient space for a keyboard and display.

Series of ergonomic handheld enclosures – 1553 is familiar to many of you. All types from this series provide a reliable grip thanks to a pleasant side overmold, they feature the same shape and they´re available in various sizes. That´s why, it is possible to choose the type exactly bespoken to your requirements. However there was a limitation, if you wanted to use a relatively large keyboard and a spacious display.

This problem is solved by the novelty – 1553T series. It provides a sufficient space for a keyboard and display and at the same time, it is somewhat thicker than other types of 1553 series, what enables to use several PCBs stacked on each other. That´s why, the 1553T series is ideal for various hand-held instrumentation, controllers, data capture and similar applications. The display and keyboard areas are recessed, what provides an additional protection (suitable also for membrane keyboards). 1553T enclosures are available in a black and a light-grey version and also with the battery compartment (battery contacts are included). Removable end panels (1 or 2 depending on version) enable easy modification and a trouble-free usage of connectors, IR components and other.

From a hand-held device, we naturally expect a higher dust and water resistance, what 1553T series with IP54 protection meets sufficiently. Last but not least – a relatively robust construction from a flame retardant ABS plastic and brass bushings give an assumption of a long lifetime and durability.

All 4 versions became our stable stock items, detailed drawings including 3D viewings can be found in datasheets at particular types. On the Hammond website, you can also find CAD files and 3D models. In case of interest in any HAMMOND products please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

HAMMOND 1553T enclosures – keyboard and display in your hand – [Link]

Find out the modularity and variability of Phoenix enclosures

Phoenix DIN-rail enclosures meet the most stringent criteria and offer a wide variability of PCB placing.

Top quality is a main advantage of Phoenix Contact products. With over 80-year tradition and 11000 employees belongs Phoenix Contact among leading producers of electric contacts and industrial automation technologies. In a portfolio of Phoenix Contact products we can find products covering almost all industrial segments.

Modular DIN rail enclosures have earned a big popularity. From many available types we added to our offer ME a BC series. They offer a very quick and simple assembly of devices into the enclosure and a big variability. Both series can be equipped with a bus and connectors, what enables a simple interconnection of enclosures between each other, connection of power supply, data transmission etc. ME series enclosures are made of polyamide, BC series enclosures are made of polycarbonate and both materials meet UL 94-V0 – self-extinguishing.

Detailed information will provide you the overview of Phoenix BC and Phoenix ME series.

Find out the modularity and variability of Phoenix enclosures – [Link]

DIN rail enclosures CEM22 with complete accessories

For an easier orientation in the CEM22 enclosures product line, we bring you an overview of suitable connectors and sockets for particular enclosures.

We introduced CEM22 DIN rail enclosures series to you in the separate article. As you can best exploit dimensions of enclosures when using appropriate connectors and sockets, we bring you this overview of suitable connectors. By their usage you gain a surety of mechanical compatibility and a professional appearance of a whole set. All below-listed types are already standard stock goods.

DIN rail enclosures CEM22 with complete accessories – [Link]

Hammond 1590 STPC and TRP enclosures will attract more attention

Regular octagon and a trapezoid are two new shapes of aluminium enclosures from Hammond. Serie 1590 offers a way how to increase attractivity and originality of your products.

Enclosures Hammond 1590 TRP a 1590 STPC from aluminium alloy offer unusual shapes. With their trapezoidal and octagonal shape they stand out of the line of usual rectangular enclosures. Trapezoidal 1590TRP series is produced in 2 versions – with the base on the shorter side (TRPB) and on the longer side (TRPC).
Advantages / features:

  • unusual trapezoidal and octagonal shape
  • robust aluminium concept
  • ingress protection IP54
  • joint lap construction – improved EMI properties
  • version without coating as well as in 6 colours
  • resistant polyester powder paint
  • easy PCB mounting thanks to a low side wall draft angle

Enclosures are available without surface treatment (natural finish) or also painted with a smooth gloss polyester powder paint, in six colours – black, cobalt blue (RAL 5013), green (RAL 6024), light-grey (RAL 7035), orange (RAL 2009) and red (RAL 3011). Joints between both parts of enclosures are of a lap construction, what increases resistance against access of dust and a splash water – IP54. At the same time this solution improves shielding properties and decreases radiation of electronics placed into the enclosure (EMI/ RFI). Aluminium material makes enclosures sufficiently tough, yet easy to machine (drilling, milling,…). Machining is usable even at painted versions.

Hammond 1590 STPC and TRP offer an elegant way how to give your devices an anusual shape. In some cases enclosures offer a possibility to better use the inner space or to place connectors, switches etc. more conveniently. STPC and TRP enclosures are suitable for portable devices but also for peripheries with control elements, displays etc..

Hammond 1590 STPC and TRP enclosures will attract more attention – [Link]