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This article shows you how to create a VHDL module in an FPGA or CPLD that can output a dynamic PWM signal to fade LEDs in and out, creating a cool visual effect. The hardware schematic, source code, parts list and theory are all included in the article.

CPLD LED Fading – [Link]


LED Fade in / Fade out

diy.viktak.com writes:

I found a small project at another site about fading an LED in and out smoothly, without a microcontroller. I changed it a bit. In my version I removed one of the transistors and changed some resistor values. This is supposed to result in lower costs and smaller footprint. I know it’s a very small difference, but still.

LED Fade in / Fade out – [Link]

DIY under-cabinet LED lighting

Instructable user Esterill shows how to fit LED kitchen lights with fade effect under-cabinet on a budget. The results are quite professional looking. This project uses a microcontroller to fade the LEDs up when they’re turned on and added a “half bright” mode for times when dimmer light is desired. [via]

DIY under-cabinet LED lighting – [Link]

Led throbbing – pulse fade without mcu

This project shows how to build a LED circuit that is pulse fading – breathing like the “Macintosh” style LED fade off effect. The circuit is using plain electronic components like transistors, resistors and capacitors. To make LED fade on and off you just have to push a push button or trigger the input using square wave from a 555 timer IC. The producing effect is really nice. Find schematic and project details on the link below. [via]

Led throbbing – pulse fade without mcu – [Link]