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ATtiny85 Game Console


webboggles.com has designed a SSD1306 OLED Screen based game kit using an ATtiny85 microcontroller. They also sell it as a kit to assemble it yourself.

The new snap case has been updated to allow enough height for the screen header as well as a factory made CR2032 battery holder.
The buttons have been concealed to prevent spontaneous button presses inside bags and pockets.

ATtiny85 Game Console – [Link]

Arduino Project: Flappy Bird game Clone with a 1.8″ color TFT display (ST7735)

Educ8s.com @ youtube.com:

Playing the Flappy Bird game on Arduino is extremely easy. With a cheap Arduino Uno and a very cheap 1.8″ color TFT display (ST7735) you can enjoy the classic game, the best part? It is going to be a DIY project. Actually you can build your own gaming console using Arduino, like the popular Gamebuino.

The code of the project is by Themistocles Benetatos who shares the code with us. In his blog he describes how he managed to achieve that result. Don’t miss it: http://www.mrt-prodz.com/blog/view/20…

All you have to do is to buy the following parts, if you don’t own them already. The cost is around 10$:

Arduino Project: Flappy Bird game Clone with a 1.8″ color TFT display (ST7735) – [Link]

Build an inexpensive handheld Arduino color console


by João Vilaça @ vilaca.eu:

If you love classic games like Tetris (source code) and Breakout you can now build an Arduino console to play games on the go and in color. Youtube gameplay demo.

As most inexpensive LCDs work at 3.3v the Arduino for this project works at 3.3v too.

At only 8MHz the Arduino Pro Mini 3.3v is slow by today’s standards but fast enough for most classic games.

Other Arduinos or compatibles can be used in its place. If an 5v Arduino like the Uno is used you must use a Level shifter from 5v to 3.3v or you’ll risk frying the TFT.

Build an inexpensive handheld Arduino color console – [Link]

Hybrid Play: Turn any playground into a video game


Mix real and digital game worlds, play video games outside and create your own Hybrid Games!

Hybrid Play is a device for you and your children to experience and create new virtual adventures, and play them in playgrounds and parks. Play video games outside using the playground as a control interface. Hybrid Play promotes outdoor physical activity, verbal communication, and teamwork. Help us shape a new way to play!

Hybrid Play was designed for kids aged 6-12, and for parents who want to create with technology. It’s a fun, stimulating way to create and discover incredible video games, play outdoor, make exercise and communicate with other people.

Hybrid Play: Turn any playground into a video game – [Link]

Arduino based Bi-color LED Matrix Pong Game


by jollifactory @ instructables.com:

We have created two game project instructables so far using the jolliFactory Bi-color LED Matrix Driver Module D.I.Y kits we designed. This LED Matrix module is designed to be chain-able so you may daisy-chain the modules together to the number of modules you need to suit your project.

Arduino based Bi-color LED Matrix Pong Game – [Link]

2048 on Arduino


by iamzxlee.wordpress.com:

I had think of making a game on Arduino quite a while. An idea strikes to my mind while I was playing a quite popular game which is available on apps and pc, 2048. 2048 is actually a game created by Gabriele Cirulli, aged 19, Itallian web developer. The objective of this game is to slide the tiles and combine them to create the tile of 2048. Source: Wiki

This game can be quite addictive and challenging which also makes me thought of how the game works. You can play the pc version at http://gabrielecirulli.github.io/2048/. Then I took some time to figure out the basic of idea of the game operation, so that I can make one on Arduino. Isn’t it cool to create it on Arduino and create a different playing platform?

2048 on Arduino – [Link]

mbedPG: Make Your Own Portable Game Console

armtronics.com writes:

With scrap parts, I created a Connect Four® style game using an mbed microcontroller, a cellphone LCD, and a few buttons. The circuit itself is rather easy and the Nokia LCD library is readily available online. With the right parts and two hours you can get this running on a breadboard. With a little more time, you can solder it on a RadioShack perfboard. This is a fun project that a novice can attempt. It will give them a greater understanding of serial communication and how LCDs work.

My fascination with gaming devices stems from a game console (mbedGC) some friends and I created last year. The game console connected to a regular TV and this is using a cellphone LCD screen. The LCD used connects with serial and the advantage is when graphics are drawn on the screen they stay there until overwritten. It does not need to be refreshed like a TV does. The mbedGC has to use a framebuffer that stores the pixels it wants to display to the screen and constantly refreshes the TV. This wastes time and memory. The LCD acts like a framebuffer storing the pixels for you.

mbedPG: Make Your Own Portable Game Console – [Link]