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Interfacing a KS0108 based Graphics LCD (Part 1)

embedded-lab.com writes:

The use of a graphical LCD (GLCD) drastically changes the look of your project. It provides more freedom for presenting data than the HD44870 based character LCDs. Today we will see how to interface a KS0108 (name of the display controller chip) based GLCD to a PIC microcontroller. This experimental tutorial is divided into two parts. In the first part, we will see how to write a firmware for the PIC microcontroller to initialize the GLCD and send data to plot points and lines on the screen. The second part will focus more on exploring the built-in GLCD Library of mikroC Pro for PIC compiler to display more complex texts and objects. Since GLCDs are real resource hungry devices (in terms of required I/O pins and memory), a bigger size PIC microcontroller (PIC16F887, which has 36 I/O pins and 14KB flash memory) is selected for this experiment. I am using MikroElektronika’s UNI-DS6 development board to demonstrate this project, but the circuit setup can also be made on a breadboard.

Interfacing a KS0108 based Graphics LCD (Part 1) – [Link]

USB LCD/VFD Controller


USB LCD/VFD Controller is a HD44870 based LCD/VFD controller via USB interface. The control command is compatible with Matrix-Orbital’s LCD module.So, you can use any MO friendly software to control this baby. Such as LCDC.The firmware are based on David Potter’s Serial LCD/VFD Display.Some features :this project uses a FTDI FT232BM chip as the USB bus controller,upports industry-standard LCD interface ,Configured for 16×2,20×2,20×4,40×2 LCD/VFD module,include hardware 19200-baud RS-232 input,the LCD/VFD can configured via commands.control with Microchip PIC16F873 MCU ,use 93C46 to store data. [via]

USB LCD/VFD Controller – [Link]