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Simple Infrared Barrier


by Maurizio @ dev.emcelettronica.com:

Although a remote control is not so difficult to design and build, there is an even simpler option: the IR barrier. This consists of a constant IR signal permanently going from an emitter to a receiver, both of them being in two different places (a few meters apart). When an obstacle comes in between the emitter and the receiver, the IR signal is blocked and the receiver senses that it is missing, flagging the event in an appropriate manner (figure 1).

The principle of operation is simple enough, and with most components taken off the shelf, it is easy to design the schematic. The IR element in the emitter is a simple IR LED. This behaves absolutely like any other LED, with the sole exception that it emits light in the infrared spectrum. The emitted light is thus invisible to human eye, but it is meant to excite the infrared receiving element on the other side of the barrier. One important element of this LED is the wavelength of the emitted light, of which we already know that is in the infrared spectrum.

Simple Infrared Barrier – [Link]

NEC Protocol Infrared remote control with a microcontroller


Gaurav Chaudhary writes:

This little project will demonstrate how you can build NEC protocol based Infrared Remote Control to use with various NEC Protocol IR receivers. actually there are lots of projects out there to accomplish this task but i have to write my own code because of too many requests on this IR(infrared) Remote Control Relay Board with PIC 12F675 Microcontroller people keep asking “Where is the Transmitter for this

Mini PIC12F675 Servo Controller

In this project we introduce easy to build, miniature servo controller. This miniature servo controller system is ideal for most of the robotic and mechanical projects. Some of the most notable key features of this project are:

  • Tiny PCB design (35mm × 33mm aprox.) using standard through-hole components.
  • Support for both analog and digital control interfaces.
  • Compatible with most of the servo units.
  • Low cost due to small amount of components.

Mini PIC12F675 Servo Controller – [Link]

16×2 Serial LCD using PIC12F675

circuitvalley.com writes:

The General purpose 16×2 or 16×1 char LCD are very easy to interface with any microcontroller , and these lcd are really very cheap and thoroughly available in the whole world, but the only problem with these lcd is they require 4 or 8 data lines + 2 or 3 control line to at minimum 6 line and maximum 11 lines are required. that not good because many small package microcontroller like PIC10 ,PIC12,PIC16 from microchip ,MSP430 Texas Instrument and Attiny from Atmel there all microcontroller have either 6 to 15 I/O lines. in this condition this technique will save you many I/O line because in this we use only 2 wires to connect the lcd with any microcontroller.

16×2 Serial LCD using PIC12F675 – [Link]

PIC12F675 Single RGB LED Controller

semifluid.com writes:

This code is for a simple RGB LED controller for 1 RGB LED using a PIC12F675 (or PIC12F629). The pattern is determined by the data in the EEPROM. When the PIC needs a new target for the PWM, it loads it from EEPROM. Pin 4 (GP3) is pulled high because it is used to switch between displays. Please see the source code for more information; the structure and design is commented. The operation of the controller is very simple and so is the wiring.

PIC12F675 Single RGB LED Controller – [Link]

Led Candle

macobt writes:

Candle that produce multiple points of randomly shifting light, creating a glow that flickers.The project is with microcontroler PIC12F675,the code for this led candle and schematic is HERE

Led Candle – [Link]

Bluetooth Thermometer module

This project is a wireless bluetooth thermometer module based on PIC12F675 microcontroller, DS18B20 1-Wire temperature sensor and LP2950 linear power supply. The 8 pin mcu runs on 8MHz and the bluetooth module is from Sure Electronics. The data are transmitted via serial protocol in ASCII format.  [via]

Bluetooth Thermometer module – [Link]

Automatic coming/leaving home light

This project shows how to build an automatic home light that will switch ON every time you are coming or leaving home. This circuit is a module to Dual Channel IR Remote Control and is separated to two PCBs. It has a dual power supply, 8.4V for IR LEDs and 5V for everything else. Ambient light level measurement is done with CdS cell on A/D converter of PIC12F675 so that the lights don’t turn on during the daytime. It also has a Sharp IS471F obstacle detection sensor with two transmitting IR LEDs, plus an additional IR focus lens for longer range. There is also a third IR LED for RC5 code transmission for “remote controller” emulation by the PIC. Check code and schematics of this project on the link below.

Automatic coming/leaving home light – [Link]

PWM Motor Control

This project is a variable speed control for the heater blower in a car. The heart of the circuit is a PIC12F675. PIC is reading the potentiometer value and generates appropriately timed pulses to control the DC motor. Check project details on the link below.

PWM Motor Control – [Link]