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A PIC-Based Temperature Alarm

Professor Mark Csele writes:

Presented is a simple temperature alarm which uses a PIC16C84 microcontroller and a 2-line LCD display. The alarm displays current temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees and features a 3-key keypad which allows the user to set independent high and low temperature alarm points. The alarm also records the minimum and maximum temperatures encountered.

A PIC-Based Temperature Alarm – [Link]

PIC16F84 Serial Programmer

Kees Krijnen writes:The Microchip PIC16C84 was one of the first serial in-system programmable microcontroller. I saw PIC serial programmers published in Electronic magazines in 1993. Today, many PIC programmer circuits – for serial and parallel PC ports – are published on the Internet.Despite its somewhat unusual design – like the 128 byte page RAM/Register direct/indirect memory mapping – it is a popular microcontroller, easily available and programmable now as flash microcontroller 16F84. The developer environment MPLAB from Microchip is free of charge and many application examples are available. [via]

PIC16F84 Serial Programmer – [Link]