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Low-Cost Shunt Energy Meter using MCP3909 and PIC18F25K20


Here’s a low-cost single phase energy metering solution using Microchip’s MCP3909 metering ADC and PIC18F25K20 8-bit microcontroller. App note can be found here.

The meter was tested for a range of current from 0.1A to 20A using the Fluke 6100A Electrical Power Standard. Measurement results are visible on the LCD or on the Pulse Output. This document is intended to provide guidance for designers who are interested in using Microchip’s MCP3909 Metering ADC with synchronous sampling and PGA on current channel, and the low-cost high performance PIC18F25K20 microcontroller.


Low-Cost Shunt Energy Meter using MCP3909 and PIC18F25K20 – [Link]

Super Flux RGB LED Controller

In this project it was used the “Piranha Super-flux RGB” Led of common anode, and the PIC18F25K20, in order to generate combinations of colors. It has two function modes, automatic that generate the color sequence that is stored in the μC memory, and the manual mode in which you can select one of the seven possible colors.

Super Flux RGB LED Controller – [Link]

PIR Motion Sensor

The objective of this project is to use inexpensive PIR sensor to detect if a human has moved. To build this project I use a PIC18F25K20 microcontroller to detect if the sensor had change state and it will emit a sound from the speaker or piezo, the MCU also detect the voltage of the battery in the startup, the algorithm it´s very simple it use an interrupt on change to detect the change on the PIR sensor.

PIR Motion Sensor – [Link]

PIC PWM Fan controller

This project is a PWM Fan controller based on PIC18F25K20. It offers a variable speed control, low acoustic noise, reliability, long lifetime, low power consumption, protection features. The MCU get the temperature from the sensor (D18B20), and after will do a conversion Celsius degrees and then it´s generated a PWM on PORTC.2 with 6 different levels.

PIC PWM Fan controller – [Link]