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Bread Head

Blondihacks has developed a breadboard programming header for 8-Pin AVR microcontrollers called the Bread Head. [via]

This little guy was easy to make, and has been a real time saver when iterating on a breadboard. The trick is upside-down protoboard, and longer-than-usual headers! Read on to see how it’s built.

Bread Head – [Link]

PIC 12F675 mini protoboard

b0j3 writes:

Since I have a lot of ideas about different usages of microcontrollers it always happens I have to build basic microcontroller setup (microcontroller with oscilator).  Finaly I decided to make a small (or should I say mini) protoboard for PIC 12f675 (which I wanted to use for a small project). You can see the result on the picture.

PIC 12F675 mini protoboard – [Link]

Protoboard Button


This project was born out of a need for buttons that can be used on a solderless breadboard. I used to solder wires onto a normal push button switch. Not only were they big and clunky, but they would always break as well. I then settled on this design and have never looked back.

It is a tactile button that can easily be put on a solderless breadboard. No more breaking the metal ‘feet’ of the button. No more bending wires, trying to stick a big pushbutton into the prototype board. This project is simple and very useful. Step by step instructions and pictures after the link…

Protoboard Button – [Link]