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Building your own CNC router/milling machine


Trochilidesign @ instructables.com writes:

This Instructable will show you how I built my CNC milling machine. I know a lot of CNC dreamers do not have the knowledge or tools to build a full metal machine. I still think and hope this Instructable inspires you to make your own machine. I include all of the necessary steps I went through in designing and building this CNC milling machine. All of the drawings I used to build my machine will be available.

Building your own CNC router/milling machine – [Link]

MezzoMill: An Easy-to-Use Personal PCB Router

David Clift-Reaves has created MezzoMill, a PCB router which can provide custom single-sided PCBs in short order. He’s currently running a kickstarter to get the project into production. He writes: [via]

The conversation that I had hoped that MezzoMill would help to shine a light on is the need for individuals, hackerspaces, and schools to have small-scale electronics manufacturing facilities. I believe that there are 3 key technologies that are necessary to a modern electronics fab. First is the ability to print circuits. Second is the ability to place modern components on the circuit. Finally, the third is the ability to do reflowing.

Like the iBooks Author program, I feel that these disruptive technologies have the ability to empower people and transform an industry. Clearly all of the technologies already exist for creating these machines. People hack together various versions of them all the time. There needs to be work done towards mass producing them and a guiding vision for making all of them work together seamlessly.

I designed the MezzoMill to simplify the problem of printing circuits. It turns the experience of printing circuits from EAGLE to one like from your word processor to your inkjet. It makes the process safe and repeatable while reducing the user interaction with the process as much as possible. It is the only solution in its price range that provides this user experience to individuals.

MezzoMill: An Easy-to-Use Personal PCB Router – [Link]

CNC Hobby Router Plans for $22

A CNC wood router is a tool that cuts out objects from wood. Objects are designed on the computer with CAD/CAM programs, then sent to the router for cutting, making CNC routers great for hobbies, engineering prototyping, art, robotic education, and other applications.

CNC routers are typically very expensive, costing thousands of dollars in some cases, but thereʼs recently been a movement in DIY CNC. One of the sites embracing this movement is http://hobbyrouterplans.com, which sells DIY CNC wood router plans. Designed for the hobbyist, these plans are perfect for most weekend warriors. Nearly 2,000 have been purchased over the last 10 years to build everything from model airplane parts, to toys, to milling PCBs.

The finished machine has a 9

Traffic counter for router

cibomahto.com writes:

I’ve been joking about making a new case for my wireless router for a long time. The idea was that that would be shaped like a McDonalds store, with a little sign out front that says how many billion bytes (or whatever) have been served. Tonight, I decided to see how hard it would be to cobble together the technical portion of the project using an Asus WL-520 router running MightyOhm’s OpenWRT build and an old display that I had sitting around.

Traffic counter for router – [Link]

Mini CNC router, complete plans and instructions

berbefarac writes:

The Mini CNC project is a complete set of plans and instructions on how to build a 3 axis CNC machine that is functional and also precise and with a budget of less than 1200$. The Mini CNC is very simple and easy to build and if you have all the materials and parts prepared you should have it ready to work in less than 5 days.

Mini CNC router, complete plans and instructions – [Link]

Multi-protocol wireless router links sensor networks to the Internet

The Meshlium Xtreme multi-protocol router from Libelium supports five wireless standards (WiFi, ZigBee, GPRS, Bluetooth and GPS) as well as wired Ethernet, giving designers and users a choice of methods for connecting wireless sensor networks to the Internet. It also supports sensor data storage in its internal database or on external Internet servers. [via]

Multi-protocol wireless router links sensor networks to the Internet – [Link]

Hobby CNC Router Plans for 38% off

makerdeals.com writes:

Make your own CNC router that lets your computer cut out the parts you’ve drawn in CAD! What maker WOULDN’T want this?

Plans are for a router with a 9″x24″x1″ cut area that can rapid travel at over 150 inches per minute with the HCNCPRO Driver Board Package using 127oz-in stepper motors at 35VDC!*

Hobby CNC Router Plans for 38% off – [Link]

EGO BOX: a physical website visits display

If you have a blog or any other kind of website then this is for you. It’s a little box that connects to the internet and displays how many visits you have on your website. It’s designed to work independently of your computer, connecting directly to the internet via your router. Mine even steals power from one of the routers USB ports.

EGO BOX: a physical website visits display – [Link]