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Micro Soldering Station for 10$

Transform a cheap USB soldering iron in a powerfull Active tip Soldering Station.

With almost no thermal capacity this station regulates the tip’s temperature instantaneously. Solder larger thermal mass with ease, it’s magic.

Micro Soldering Station for 10$ – [Link]

DIY Arduino Soldering Station

GreatScottLab @ instructables.com writes:

In this project I will show you how to create an Arduino based soldering station for a standard JBC soldering iron. During the build I will talk about thermocouples, AC power control and zero point detection. Let’s get started!

DIY Arduino Soldering Station – [Link]

New RS Pro ST-80 Soldering Station +150°C to +480°C


RS Components has launched two RS Pro solder stations with interesting features. The 60-W and 80-W solder stations have smart functions to reduce energy consumption, increase ease of use and prolong soldering tip life. The stations automatically detect if the device isn’t used for a predefined period of time and goes into standby mode or switch off if necessary. Additionally they are equipped with a LCD temperature display and a warm-up status indicator on the front panel and control is done using preset buttons or temperature adjustment buttons.

New RS Pro ST-80 Soldering Station +150°C to +480°C – [Link]