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How-To: Shrinkify Your Arduino Projects


How-To: Shrinkify Your Arduino Projects @ MAKE. Matt writes… [via]

Ever since I started making projects with the Arduino, I’ve had a desire to shrink them down to a single, small circuit board. One of my first projects, a customizable SLR intervalometer, was packed in a phonebook-sized cardboard box and used the Arduino Deumilanove connected to a breadboard with jumper wires. I brought the box out to Central Park at 5am to make a timelapse of the sunrise, but when I got to the park, I spent 20 minutes fixing the connections between the Arduino, the breadboard, and the components. Since then, I’ve explored a few different ways of shrinking projects down and making them more robust. For the intervalometer, I designed a circuit board that had female header pins to seat an Arduino Nano. It was a huge improvement on the design, but I knew I could do a lot better.

I tried to teach myself AVR programming, but ran into a lot of snags along the way. By the time I got an LED to blink, I had invested hours in the project (a stark contrast to my first Arduino experience) and was feeling quite discouraged. I also tried using PICAXE chips. While it was much easier to get started with these chips than with AVR programming, I felt like I was abandoning all my years of C programming to learn a form of BASIC that’s an entirely different animal from when I used it as a kid.

How-To: Shrinkify Your Arduino Projects – [Link]

Turn Your iOS Device into a DSLR Remote

theiphoneguru.net writes: [via]

In this tutorial we’ll explore creating a home made IR trigger capable of firing your DSLR camera out of just a couple bucks worth of parts. Then we’ll show you how to use an iPhone app called DSLR.bot to trigger your camera, record GPS locations, shoot timelapse sequences and more.

Turn Your iOS Device into a DSLR Remote – [Link]