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Single-sided, through-hole USB IR Toy v2

sandroP made a single-sided PCB version of the USB IR Toy v2:

I’ve recently built a single-sided, through-hole version of the USB IR Toy v2, using the schematic posted on the wiki for it without the pin breakout area…

Mine is 40x50mm using an USB-A connector and includes a USB pin header, VCC/GND/RX/TX header for serial communications and ICSP – had to dispense with the pin breakout area though.

gSchem and PCB formatted design files are posted.

Single-sided, through-hole USB IR Toy v2 – [Link]

The Blink Box Box


Craig Hickman created this simple Arduino powered LED toy as an experiment in CNC machining. The case is made of clear plastic, which allows the viewer to marvel at his homemade Arduino board.

The LEDs change flashing patters whenever the luminosity level dips below threshold. This lets you change patterns by passing your hand over the device. It also contains a cell phone vibrator to let you know it’s turned on and to give it an extra sense of presence when it’s in your hand.

The Blink Box Box – [Link]

Homebrew laser toy blaster effects


Steve writes –

I am learning about electronics by building a toy laser gun. This is the sound and light effects circuitry in development. The top board has a 555 monostable timer, which turns on a bright red LED, a laser, and the sound effect. It also triggers a second board, which has 555 oscillator which is triggering a 4017 decade counter chip. That circuit is the blue LED chaser. I have it timed so that it goes one cycle during the time that the trigger from the first timer is high. Whew! a lot of work to turn on a couple of blinky lights. [via]

Homebrew laser toy blaster effects – [Link]