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An Uninterruptible Power Supply in a Chip

Cymbet Corporation announced the availability of the EnerChip CC CBC3105 smart solid state battery. The CBC3105 combines the manufacturer’s EnerChip battery with integrated input power conversion, battery management and regulated output capabilities. The device is a smart rechargeable solid state battery Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) in a chip that provides power backup to microelectronic devices when main power fails. It provides power supply monitoring and switches over to the internal solid state backup battery when the supply drops below a set threshold. The components can provide anywhere from several hours to several weeks of backup time. [via]

An Uninterruptible Power Supply in a Chip – [Link]

7805 Uninterruptible Alarm Power Supply


Although this Power Supply was designed for the Modular Burglar Alarm – it has other applications. It provides an output of 12-volts – at a current of up to 1-amp. In the event of a mains failure – the back-up battery takes over immediately. And when mains power is restored – the battery recharges automatically. [via]

7805 Uninterruptible Alarm Power Supply – [Link]