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Dipper- a small, affordable and open source UWB radar

Elias, Øyvind and Jonas writes:

If we add up all our radar experience, the three of us have 9 years of experience with this technology. Our company have existed for three years now and we can see that the technology has a lot of potential.

We love radar technology. Why? Because it can see through stuff. Yes, that is right. A radar uses electromagnetic pulses that can travel through materials. Just like wifi signals and cellphone signals.
This means you can create a device that the police can use to get information about what is going on behind a door before entering a house. Or you can measure the vital signs of a person lying in a hospital bed from a distance. Or you can make a robust altimeter for drones that is not affected by wind, temperature or fog.

Dipper- a small, affordable and open source UWB radar – [Link]


See-through-wall robot

intelligentagent.no writes:

In the heart of the D1 radar sensor is a radar chip based on Ultra-Wideband (UWB) radar technology from Novelda (www.novelda.no). An UWB radar sensor sends out electromagnetic pulses and looks at the pulses that are reflected back. When an electromagnetic pulse hits the wall in the video above, a part of the pulse is reflected back to the radar and a part of it penetrates the wall and is reflected from the cabinet behind the wall.

See-through-wall robot – [Link]