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What’s new in EAGLE v6

NEW in V6 |. Lots of stuff, but this is the lead story… [via]

XML database structure redesign
Read, edit and parse the data outside of the EAGLE tool The new XML database structure provides the ability to write scripts that manipulate designs in the EAGLE format which will give users huge productivity benefits. You can make design changes, import information from other designs, and even translate from other formats. This is the first CAD database format to use ASCII text as a format and could become a standard in the industry for communicating designs – making EAGLE the most flexible, user friendly and productive PCB tool on the market.

What’s new in EAGLE v6 – [Link]

BlueScripts: communication across Bluetooth

BlueScripts is a program for the scripting of Bluetooth ASCII messages to Bluetooth radios via an Android phone and an XML file. It is open source.

BlueScripts allows the user to automate sending messages to Bluetooth radios for embedded system projects without the need to input the messages on a terminal application or write a separate Android program.

BlueScripts: communication across Bluetooth – [Link]


Cadsoft Eagle goes XML

CadSoft EAGLE development team announced that is going to use XML format for parts libraries, schematics, and board layouts that means every object and line will be written out in text description. The old files was binaries and from now on we don’t have to worry about binary file corruption. Also we will be able to hand-edit or generate schematics and layouts. This will be a fully documented format and also there will be a converter for old CadSoft EAGLE binary-type formats.

Cadsoft Eagle goes XML – [Link]