Thermal design: Get the heat out of the electronics

Häusermann has a propriety process that makes PCBs that can conduct a great amount of heat or current.

@ discuss about thermal design in electronics and how to design your board to dissipate it effectively.

If you have high-powered LEDS, or a power supply, or are trying to control larger motors, you have to get a lot of heat out of your circuit boards. The classic way to dissipate heat is to bolt your power transistor to an aluminum heat sink. That is a slow, messy, and expensive proposition, especially if you need thermal grease between the transistor and heat sink.


It’s always a good idea to make thermal management inherent in your PCB design. Experience has shown you can get about 2W of heat out of a 3×5” copper area on a conventional FR4 PCB.

Thermal design: Get the heat out of the electronics – [Link]

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