To design your own transformer? – No!


With transformers for switch-mode power supplies from company Myrra you can avoid a demanding high frequency transformer design and you can focus only on a design of an SMPS according to your own specific demands.

For a power supply solution it is often more effective to use ready-made DC/DC or AC/DC modules. However if you need a power source with non-standard output voltage or if you decide from any reason for your own design of an switch- mode power supply (SMPS) like flyback or push-pull, you will need a suitable high frequency transformer.

Transformers of the 740xx series from company Myrra offer advantage in a fact, that they are optimized directly for usage with a certain control circuit (chip). That´s why they eliminate a necessity of relatively demanding design of custom transformer, or extensive comparing of parameters according to which you´d have to choose a suitable type. All you need is to choose a transformer of desired power rating and in its datasheet you will find a recommended SMPS control circuit. With some transformer types you can use more types of SMPS control circuits. Transformers provide a high level of safety – they are made of exclusively UL94-V0 listed materials and they feature a high primary/secondary insulation of more than 4000V. You can find appropriate datasheets at given transformer types listed under this article.

To design your own transformer? – No! – [Link]

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