Trossen Robotics Community Contest


Another contest, another batch of cool projects! Once again, the Trossen Robotics Community (TRC) came through with some amazing ideas. We’re very excited to announce the winners of this round’s Trossen Robotics contest!

In case you’re new to the TRC, here’s a quick refresher on how this contest works: A wide range of talented and dedicated people come to our Project Showcase forum to show off a project they’ve been working on. After so many months, we (the Trossen Robotics team) evaluate each project, and score them in the following categories: “Wow” factor, Ingenuity, Creativity, and Presentation. We run this contest to help promote and encourage innovation and ingenuity. People are allowed to submit a wide range of projects ranging from robotics, automation, art, RFID, DIY, mods, inventions, and anything else demonstrating some form of technological creativity. We invite all bloggers to help promote the innovation that these unique individuals have demonstrated!

Enough talk, here are the winners from this round of the TRC Contest that we felt deserved recognition for their creations.

Trossen Robotics Community Contest – [Link]

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